The Crete-Monee Middle School expansion creates an engaging space for grades 6-8. With a design driven by the school’s newly implemented International Baccalaureate program, the spaces support global thinking and collaboration. In keeping with the school’s integrated curriculum, there are no defined departments or grades, demonstrating the interrelationship of disciplines. In addition, Special Ed is also integrated throughout the school. Professional Development rooms facilitate collaboration between teachers and provide ample opportunities to fuse subjects and create rich learning experiences.
The classrooms are designed for 21st century learners, providing students multiple ways to demonstrate knowledge and skills and providing teachers more opportunities to assess students levels of understanding. Durable pinable and writable surfaces entice groups to spread throughout the classroom and not be confined to sharing a single desk or white board.
Transparency is a key theme throughout the design; every classroom has natural light and views to the outdoors. From the corridors, students can see what their cohorts are working on and learn from each other. Diversity in color and nature inspired finishes create inspiring environments that further enhance learning. The highly visible Design Tech Labs, not only support the International Baccalaureate program’s requirements, but are idea incubators that will undoubtedly spur further exploration of topics in the new Art Rooms and Science Labs.
Students at Crete-Monee Middle School will understand that they learn anytime and anywhere. The corridors are no longer simply hallways; they have niches, a rotunda and an amphitheater, all of which are learning and study environments. While each of these spaces is flexible, the amphitheater features technology and a teaching wall that not only invites students to present their ideas, but is also a venue for outside experts to share their knowledge.
The new Café between the Library and Cafeteria connect the academic with the day-to-day. To further increase engagement, another Café is situated near the Amphitheater. The Multi-purpose room addition is flexible with a movable wall to partition the space and ample natural light.

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